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Lego Themed Website Design & Development

Case Study


Lego-themed kids parties, school classes, holiday camps and corporate workshop.

Project Background


Lego Workshops Website Design & Build

Mini-Engineers have had a great working relationship with our sister agency, Devstars, since building their first website in 2014.

When Yvette Zee wanted to relaunch her Lego Workshops brand after being put on ice during the Covid pandemic, she naturally reached out to Stuart & Greg for advice.

Greg had worked with Yvette on the original website design when the brand was created at Mystery ltd. Stuart’s team were responsible for the development.

It was great to get the band back together for the redesign & build of a new Mini-Engineers site, but this time under the LWDA banner.

Left column image
Right column image
Mini-Engineers Lego Classes Responsive Mobile Web Design

Mini-Engineers Website Brief


Like many other companies, Mini-Engineers spent most of 2020 & 21 not being able to function due to Covid restrictions. The impact of which was both financial and operational.

With this in mind, the challenge was to relaunch Mini-Engineers on a conservative budget but deliver all the information & functionality needed to drive bookings.

The old website was designed in a pre-mobile world, with every page template being treated as a piece of art. Nothing was responsive.

Now, in a world where mobile users often account for well over half of site visitors, we needed to deliver a responsive site that was still visually impressive. Fully communicating the brand character.

Additional requirements included:

  1. Adaptable contact page form
  2. Great SEO potential
  3. Multiple image galleries
  4. Mailing list integration
  5. Instagram feed
  6. Testimonials
Lego Holiday Camps Website Enquiry Form

Custom WordPress website design & MailChimp integration

The original Mini-Engineers website was a fully bespoke solution (design & CMS). This time we decided to go with WordPress.

WordPress would give us the ability to deliver a flexible system that was also budget-friendly and secure.

Taking full advantage of WordPress 5’s support for content blocks, we created a system that would allow Yvette the ability to build unique landing pages for each of her products.

Our range of content blocks included:

  1. Landing area with hero image and optional CTA button
  2. Intro text panel
  3. Products panels with image, WYSIWYG text, and 3 different CTA button options
  4. Promotion ‘cards’ to highlight special offers
  5. Video block
  6. Testimonials
  7. Instagram feed

The design fully communicates the technical engineering theme of the brand, which is further brought to life with great photography.

We look forward to supporting Yvette as she re-launches Mini-Engineers and grows the brand.