What we do


A large proportion of our work these days involves E-commerce. We’ve been building and managing e-commerce sites for our clients for over 10 years now, over that time the web has changed a lot but we’ve always aimed to match our clients with the best solutions currently available. Our E-commerce offerings fit into the following categories:

Bespoke Solutions

This involves either building a system from the ground up specifically for a clients requirements or skinning our own e-commerce system. Advantages in this route is clean and simple code and fewer functions which often make systems easier to use.

When building bespoke sites we only include functions that are necessary for our clients’ needs. Optimised for fast loading through clean and elegant coding that creates a solid foundation for the business and can be easily added to as the client’s business grows.

Some examples include:

Magento E-commerce Stores

Magento is the fastest growing e-commerce platform and is used by some of the worlds leading brands. The software comes in a variety of flavours from a free community edition through to paid for offerings including a very robust Enterprise edition.

Over the last couple of years we’ve built up a great deal of experience in building and managing Magento stores.

Some examples include; Plum Baby and  One Little Indian . Additionally we’ve been helping Sandbag build of an Enterprise edition site that is already allowing them to centrally manage sites for Island Records and Mika.

Please contact us on 020 7785 7008 or click for Skype if you would like to speak to any of our clients, or to talk to us about how we can make your e-commerce business boom.