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December 6, 2019

The joy of one-page websites

In recent years one-page websites have become more and more popular, both for cost and user experience reasons. A good reason for this is that touch screens and scrolling mice make it easier for users to scroll than click.

We are firm believers in developing a website over time, and a one-page site makes the perfect starting point.

Users love dynamic elements on one-page websites such as type animations, parallax effects, and sliding to a piece of content.

Spending your money wisely

Before your site is launched you are in a vacuum. After launch, you can learn from your visitors using Analytics, Hotjar and direct feedback. This allows you to make better decisions about where to spend your web budget. Additionally, starting small with a minimum viable product solution gets you to market faster with less expense.

One-page plus

With plus sites we add additional templates for news, articles or recipes, offering an affordable middle ground. The Ming Jewellery website introduces a news section to extend her one-page website.

Third-party integrations

Today’s web is full of great 3rd party integrations such as booking, reservations ande-commerce. These tools make it easy to add new functionality without having to build it yourself.

Some examples

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