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Sapience Communications London PR Consultancy website

Case Study

Sapience Communications

Sapience Communications are a London-based PR & Communications Consultancy

Project Background


PR agency website design & development

Sapience Communications are a top-flight PR & Communications Consultancy who were being let down by their website.

The design of their previous site was dry and corporate. Lacking the personable character which was truer to their identity.

LWDA were more than happy to help Sapience evolve as a brand. Delivering a new site that would help market their services more effectively.

There were also some unique technical requirements and challenges to overcome. Continue scrolling to find out how we helped this PR agency move forward in a post-pandemic world.

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“Always a pleasure working with Greg and his team - no problem is big enough for them! :)“

Sanjana Chawla

Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Sapience Communications

PR Agency Responsive Web Design & Development

Sapience Communications Website Brief


Sapience was struggling with a WordPress site that was restrictive and looked rather dated. Add to this the fact that they’d been hacked twice, and we had a real sense of urgency to this project.

The challenge was to completely overhaul the website in terms of design and development, whilst retaining the positive ground made by their SEO team and implementing security processes that would help the team sleep well at night!


PR Agency Website Design

Sapience provided us with as much information about their brand as possible, along with links to some key competitors & contemporaries as a source of inspiration.

We discussed how to use these insights to help bring life to the Sapience brand and position the company in the correct light with a fresh new website design.


PR Agency Web Development

WordPress often gets a bad rap. Anyone can set up a WordPress website, install a theme and add plugins for functionality, but they rarely vet those elements and often the site suffers as a consequence.

Our solution was a new bespoke WordPress website, hosted on a secure platform with complex passwords, utilising as few plugins as possible to minimise security risks.

Alongside the security requirements, we were also asked to work alongside their SEO team to minimise any potential negative impact that can arise from such a big re-development project.

Sapience Communication PR Agency Mobile Website Design

The Results

The old website was very text-heavy, which can be off-putting for many viewers. We kept in mind that the same amount of text could be required, but used blocks of colour, white space and bigger images to soften the impact.

We developed a range of ‘content blocks’, allowing Sapience to build pages in a flexible manner. This helped the team accommodate different types of content that would better represent their services and drive enquiries. Blocks included:

  • Single column, two-column and three-column text
  • Video
  • Image left / Text right and visa-versa
  • Large image
  • Client testimonial
  • Services carousel
  • Case studies carousel
  • Latest News
  • Contact form to drive enquiries
  • Newsletter sign-up & Twitter feed

The result was an easier-to-navigate website thanks to improved UX and well-placed call-to-actions.

We will be monitoring the website with the client and their SEO team, helping the company grow even stronger in the months and years ahead.

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