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UX Design

User Experience Design – otherwise known as UX Design – is an integral part of our planning stages for any project.

We engage our clients in UX workshops, outlining the user journey and structure of the site prior to starting the UI/Design & development stages.

Our aim is to gain insight into the following:

  1. Who are your key users? (there may be multiple personas)
  2. What are your users expecting from your website? (their needs)
  3. Which tasks do you wish them to perform? (your needs)

For larger existing websites that require a fresh approach, we use data gathered from Google Analytics and tools such as Hotjar to inform the structure and flow of the website. Using this method we also offer Conversion Rate Optimisation services.

For new smaller projects, we use our extensive experience to guide our hands in planning the best user experience for your customers.

UX Design Services
UX Design Services

Website Wireframing Process


Design Sprints

Design sprints allow us to rapidly ideate a project. We start rough often working by hand and aim to get ideas onto paper and in front of the client to provoke dialogue.

Working in a cyclical process allows us to rapidly identify what works and what doesn’t. During these early stages, it’s easy to make big changes that would be costly later in the process.

Running a number of design sprints provides an affordable route to delivering user journeys that work along with the overall site and page structure.

The output of a UX Design Sprint will be a wireframe prototype developed in Figma or Adobe XD along with a specification document. These combined reduce ambiguity and provide clarity to all key stakeholders.

The key is to look at UX design workshops as an investment. Time spent here helps the design & development stages run smoothly, resulting in a pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

“We needed to overhaul and upgrade our old and unwieldy site. It was daunting for a small organisation like ours, but LWDA managed the process seamlessly. They took great care to understand our organisation and our aims, they implemented these expertly.“

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You can see a selection of our most recent case studies highlighted below, each of which included substantial UX design planning.