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Branding Strategies


Brand Strategy Agency

Your arrival here likely signals the need for some much-needed clarity when it comes to the way your brand is perceived. Not only by your customers but potentially your team as well.

A great brand is so much more than just a nice-looking logo. The true success of a brand lies in all touch-points; visual and spoken.

When all aspects of a brand are working in harmony, with a clear direction and set of business goals defined, your team will feel truly united and confident when communicating with your customers.

A well-defined brand strategy is the foundation for business success.

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Brand Strategy Agency
Branding Strategies


Brand Strategy Consulting

Our approach to website design has always been brand-focused. We always say that there’s no point in spending good money on a new website if the brand itself lacks clarity and true brand personality.

Without the right brand strategy in place, your website and other marketing materials are unlikely to connect with your target audience. This can result in missed sales targets and failed business growth.

As a dedicated digital marketing agency with years of brand management experience, our aim is to help your brand image shine, delivering a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Our team of experts will work with you to produce a thorough examination of the current brand state, with the output being a detailed strategic report that serves as an actionable guide to achieving your future business goals.

The full list of collaborative workshops and deliverables is as follows:

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Brand Strategy Report
  • Visual Identity
  • Stylescapes
  • Visual Elements
  • Verbal Identity
  • Brand Guidelines

With this output, you’ll be well-positioning to elevate your brand awareness and fully align your services and products with the needs of your customers.

So, if you require an experienced brand strategy agency, our expert team of strategists and creatives are only a phone call away.

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“We worked closely with Holeshot to produce a brand positioning document that clearly communicates the Who, Why, What and How of the business. We also identified their target market, focused their tone-of-voice and pinpointed their service differentiators. This led to the visualisation of several stylescapes, from which we produced the brand identity and guidelines.“

Greg Macdonald


Holeshot Brand Stylescapes


Brand Positioning

Our process begins with the discovery workshop. An online collaborative investigation of the brand as it currently stands and an exploration of where the brand needs to go to meet your business goals.

Then follow several stages of creative thinking and review to make sure that the results align with your goals. Here’s how the entire brand positioning process breaks down:


1. Discovery Workshop

Analysis of clients’ current brand identity, and an opportunity for the client to share their clear vision and perspective.

This collaborative approach covers business goals, the mission statement, market overview (current & desired position, market share, competitive advantage and differentiation), audience profiling and brand implementation (all brand touch-points including print, web and social media marketing).


2. Brand Strategy Report

A refined distillation of the discovery workshop combined with our own market research.

We include the brand story, a refined market overview (analysis and conclusion), brand personality (attributes and archetype), and audience profiling (target market, user profiles, and audience segmentation).

The brand strategy report dictates the ‘rules of engagement’ for any creative work undertaken throughout the project and provides an ultimate reference with which any creative output can be evaluated. 


3. Visual Identity

A comprehensive visual design system that can be applied across all branded materials and marketing campaigns.


4. Stylescapes

We provide three distinct style guides that provide a broad visual demonstration of potential designs for a strong brand identity.

You’ll have the chance to review these stylescapes, delivering feedback which enables us to refine a chosen route before finalising the overall look & feel of the brand.


5. Brand Elements

Confirmation of key brand elements, including typography (chosen fonts), colour schemes (primary and secondary palettes) and design motifs (any icons or elements are not a part of the logo themselves).


6. Verbal Identity

If re-positioning an existing brand, the existing verbal identity will need to evolve.

We would hold an initial copywriting workshop with a focus on tone of voice, with the deliverables being the Brand Promise (unique value proposition), Messaging Hierarchy and Brand Positioning Statement (Tag-line Creation).


7. Brand Guidelines

A comprehensive guidelines document that details how to implement the brand identity across all visual and verbal use cases, including physical mediums and digital platforms.

The guidelines can be utilised by your internal teams and any other creative professionals going forward. This includes information regarding:

  • Brand Overview
  • Legal/Usage Rights
  • Verbal Identity (Tag-lines, Messaging System, Written Text Rules)
  • Logo Usage
  • Typography Usage
  • Visual Style Usage
  • File Types
  • Presentation/Review

Note: The Brand Guidelines should be an ongoing document that can be updated as new design work is completed and the brand evolves over time.


Innovative Approach

Our unique approach to branding allows us to be flexible, offering a version of the Brand Positioning Exercise that omits the Strategy Report and Guidelines.

For companies that already have clarity on their goals but are looking for help in creating a cohesive brand identity that informs the creation of brand assets including the design of a website. This option allows you to:

  1. Refresh and reintroduce yourself to the market with a consistent look and feel.
  2. Better communicate your company values visually and verbally.
  3. Establish the basis of a robust & consistent brand identity for development in the future.

If the Strategy Report or Brand Guidelines are required, they are both optional.


Need help with your Brand Strategy?

If you’re looking to create a brand from scratch or add some foundation and depth to an existing brand, we’re here to help.

We have a proven track record in building robust brands with true longevity, so drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Brand Strategy FAQs

What Services Does a Brand Strategy Agency Offer?

Brand Strategy Agency provides a spectrum of services, including brand positioning, market research, identity design, and comprehensive brand strategy development.

How Does a Brand Strategy Agency Enhance Market Presence?

Through meticulous market analysis and strategic planning, a Brand Strategy Agency enhances market presence by identifying unique selling propositions and amplifying brand visibility.

Is Collaborating with a Brand Strategy Agency Cost-Effective?

Yes, partnering with a Brand Strategy Agency proves cost-effective in the long run, as it aligns brand initiatives with target audience preferences, minimising wasteful expenditure.

Can a Brand Strategy Agency Aid in Rebranding Efforts?

Absolutely, a Brand Strategy Agency specializes in rebranding initiatives and revamping brand identities to align with evolving market landscapes and consumer preferences.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from a Brand Strategy Agency?

The timeline for visible results varies based on the brand’s current standing and the implemented strategies. Generally, noticeable improvements manifest within a few months.