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Holeshot & South Coast Powersports Branding Project

Case Study

South Coast Powersports

South Coast Powersports is a new used-bike dealership, formed by ex-Holeshot team members, focussing heavily on enduro, motocross and trial bike sales.

Project Background


Motorbike Dealership Branding

During the latter part of 2023, we were approached by a group of Salisbury-based lads looking to set up a used motorbike dealership. They had great pedigree (all were ex-Holeshot team members) so their knowledge and professionalism were solid.

Our founder, Stuart Watkins, had a real passion for off-road bikes in his younger years, so this was a great fit for LWDA and got the team’s creative juices flowing!

We set about discussing their goals, the target market and how they wanted to be perceived. The findings resulted in an identity that took visual cues from the team’s racing pastime and the various motorbike brands that they would be selling.

SCP was launched in February of 2024. You can visit the South Coast Powersports website here, or keep scrolling to see some highlights of the web design and branding work produced by the team at LWDA.

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Motorbike Dealership Website Design

Although the company has its roots firmly in motocross and off-road biking, SCP has plans to grow and accommodate other sports and vehicle types. Therefore the brand identity needed to be flexible enough to accommodate this growth, whilst still hinting at the team’s racing heritage.

The result was an S icon that evokes the checkered flag, fluttering in the wind on race day. The accompanying colour palette and font selection were bold, fitting nicely with the popular off-road motorbike brands that the target customer would be loyal to.

We applied the new branding to a website design that would resonate with the target audience, whilst retaining a high level of usability. Our sister agency, Devstars, took these designs and built a new e-commerce website, which allows visitors to reserve bikes, make enquiries and also offer their bikes for sale or part exchange.

We’re thoroughly pleased with the branding for SCP, which alongside the website, will help build a strong foundation for SCP as they forge ahead with their new business.

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“We’re excited to watch SCP grow into a fully-fledged power sports brand and look forward to supporting them along with our sister agency Devstars in the coming months and years.“

Greg Macdonald


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