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Aerobic Technologies Website Design & Development

Case Study

Aerobic Technologies

Aerobic Technologies are the makers of the Aerobic Digester. They help companies reduce food waste and emissions. We helped them build a better website.

Project Background


Technology Company Web Design, Development & Brand Evolution

Aerobic Technologies are the makers of an amazing piece of equipment. Unfortunately, their website was a mess and failed to market their product in an effective way.

Issues with poorly organised content, poor website UX and a wishy-washy brand meant the website failed to connect with its users.

With a new marketing drive on the horizon, Aerobic Technologies needed a website that would help support their strategy and we were happy to help.

“The below images show just how much difference our new visual treatment makes to the Aerobic Technologies brand. The original design (first image) was heavily dated, lacked impact and was badly organised.“

Greg Macdonald


Left column image
Right column image
Left column image
Right column image
“The Aerobic Technologies brand was in need of a refresh and we were more than happy to help. We breathed new life into the logo by switching to a modern san serif font (Raleway) and redrawing the icon to be cleaner and clearer at small sizes.“

Greg Macdonald


Left column image
Right column image
“Our new website looks fantastic and is already delivering results that are beyond all expectations.“

Nickolas Bloom

Consultant, Aerobic Technologies

Technology Company Mobile Web Design

B2B Technology Website Solution

The key to the success of the new Aerobic Technologies website lay in the delivery of the information that a potential customer would need to make an informed purchase choice.

The information would need to be conveyed in a simple, clear and minimal way on the home page to encourage quick onboarding. But if a customer wanted to dig deeper, they would be able to find more in-depth information within the FAQ, Case Studies and Insights sections.

Design & functionality highlights include:

  1. Static navigation for improved UX and to help focus the user on key tasks.
  2. Use of video from the client’s YouTube channel linked to testimonials.
  3. Saving Calculator (hidden until additional data can be added to the system)
  4. Contact form that sends data directly to the client as well as into the company CRM.
  5. Insights area for writing in-depth articles to help drive SEO.

We are looking forward to helping Aerobic Technologies grow their website in the near future. We hope to add a section that will profile the various digester models and look at ways to directly integrate the machines’ data into the site for real-time reporting.


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