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Simon Day Comedian and Character Actor as Dave Angel

Case Study

Simon Day Comedian & Actor

LWDA were over the moon to be asked to design & build the new Simon Day website by the man himself.

What we did


Personality Website for a well-known Comedian & Actor

Several of us at LWDA have our roots in the entertainment industry, so it felt like we were going back to our roots when we were asked to design & build the new website for Simon Day.

Many of you will recognise Simon from his work on The Fast Show, which was very popular in the late ’90s.

Most recently Simon has been seen lending his acting talents to King Gary on BBC TV and appearances on blockbuster shows such as DC’s Pennyworth.

It was our task to deliver a simple website solution that could bring together all of Simon’s work for his fans to enjoy.

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Simon Day Mobile Website Design for Comedian & Actor

Simon Day Website Brief

the challenge

Simon’s old website was a bit of a mess. The navigation was challenging, file sizes caused the site to lag, and updates were infrequent due to access issues. It was time for a new site!

Simon needed a website that was easy to manage, colourful, characterful and fun. Delivering content that satisfied old fans of The Fast Show, but enabled Simon to promote his newer material.

The website also needed to form a solid base for future growth. Laying the foundation for possible eCommerce functionality and blogging.

Our aim was to create a hub for all of Simon’s content.


Simon Day Mobile Website Design for TV Personality


Working directly with Simon, we identified the types of content that should populate the site and devised a simple way to manage updates.


Embedded YouTube Videos

With a big focus on The Fast Show turning 25, we built a section that can be populated with videos directly from YouTube. Simon can simply log in to the site, add a link and hit update. Job done.

Comedy and acting are primarily visual forms of entertainment, so video content was always going to be key to the success of the site.

Video continues to feature heavily within the Character Profiles and Personal Messages section.


Tour & Merch Promotion

As the world returns to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s hoped that artists & performers will be able to get back to touring. So we created the Appearances section to help Simon promote his on-and-off-stage work.

Simon Day has also released a range of books, CDs and DVDs, so we wanted to give him the chance to showcase these on the site. Eventually, we see this section evolving to use on-site eCommerce with character-branded goods.

A blog is also in the works, but for now, fans can follow Simon on Twitter for regular musings.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Simon and we look forward to helping him expand the site in future.

Also, a special thanks to Justin Mason (@drivelsieve) who created the cartoon versions of Simon’s characters for the site.

Personality Website Design

The site was a custom WordPress design & build project. Please feel free to get in touch if you are looking for a WordPress development agency to help bring your personality to life online.