Website Hosting

After the design & build stages are complete, You’ll need a website hosting package that will serve your business and customers well, even when the going gets tough. Handling traffic spikes and malicious bot attacks without breaking a sweat.

We’ve been building servers for clients for over 25 years. From mission-critical systems for Heathrow and Newark Airports to high volume sites for Molton Brown, SlimFast and Taylor Swift. You’d think we’d get a song written in our honour, right?

Hosting Server Switch
Hosting Server harddrive


Service Level Agreements

We customise SLA’s to our client’s needs. All come with the following services as standard:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 7 days of sequential backups
  • Monthly plugin and CMS core updates
  • Monthly reports
  • Wordfence security

If you are looking for web design and development services, but are also concerned about secure hosting, drop us a line and tell us more.

“Today server space and bandwidth are relatively cheap. What you are paying for is expertise to build the right platform and how responsive your support it.“

Stuart Watkins