What is CRO?


Conversion Rate Optimisation Services

Usability Analysis is the first step of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). A process which aims to identify the areas of your website which are failing to retain visitors and convert them into customers.

Our UX specialist set up click maps, heat maps, and other tools to track user behaviour on your website. We combine these tools with data gained from Google Analytics and SEMrush to build an image of how visitors are currently engaging with your content. Or not.

Google Tag Manager can also be utilised to track events on your website, such as button clicks for purchases and downloads.

Based on the data obtained and our considerable experience, we then generate a CRO strategy which will guide us towards increasing dwell time and conversion rates on your website.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Services
CRO Audit


UX audit

Your website CRO strategy includes a UX audit. A ready-made plan to improve the user experience and thereby increase conversions and other site KPIs:

  • A detailed list of the issues identified, and on what pages they were found, accompanied by screenshots and an explanation of why they are considered an issue;
  • Prioritization of all identified problems (high, medium, and low level);
  • Recommendations for fixing those issues with the best practice screenshots added.

This report is your roadmap towards possible design changes.


Optimizing Your Interface and User Experience

The next stage of CRO is gradually fixing the issues revealed by creating new UX/UI solutions based on the UX audit’s recommendations.

We first focus on the most critical flaws, using analytics and A/B testing to measure results. The changes that deliver the best results are implemented site-wide before moving on to the next task.


Don’t Wait to Redesign Your Website

Let us help you improve your website’s performance and increase conversions with our data-driven and user-centred CRO service.

Contact us today and let us help you improve the KPIs of your website by optimising the interface and improving the user experience.

“After working with us for 8 years, Investors in Property requested a full website redesign, but we encouraged them to first look at the data before making design changes that may have been unnecessary. Using heat maps and GA data, we identified key areas of improvement and made changes to those areas. Why throw the baby out with the bathwater?!“

Stuart Watkins

Owner, LWDA

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