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UI Design

User Interface Design – also known as UI Design – is much more than just knowing how to present the navigation. UI is how you structure the entire page and how you present the content that the page holds.

Along with UX, we refer to these early discovery phases as design sprints, using wireframing tools to help us identify what works and what doesn’t.

These sprints allow us to make mistakes, fast, before finalising the page structure and progressing to the web design phase.

The key is to look at UI & UX workshops as an investment. Time spent here helps the design & development stages run smoothly, resulting in a pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

UI Design
UI Design Sprints


UI Design Principles

We follow a list of tried & tested UI design principles when planning and designing websites. These UI design principles are:

  1. Clarity – Make sure your navigation is intuitive, that all buttons and calls-to-action are obvious and that the purpose of each element on the page is obvious.
  2. Familiarity – Consistency within the design is key to making a visitor comfortable when browsing your website.
  3. User Control – Make the user feel as though they are in control of their browning experience with clearly marked interactive elements.
  4. Hierarchy – Make sure every page is structured so that the information is easily digestible using colour and sub-headings to highlight areas of importance.
  5. Negative / White Space – Give each element room to breathe by adding space and de-cluttering the page from unnecessary distractions.
  6. Accessibility – Particularly for those with visual impairments, we need to make sure that our websites meet the WCAG requirements.

Our aim is to deliver a website that your customers enjoy so much that they are happy to return again & again.

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“I worked with LWDA to deliver a website to a tight deadline. Not only did they meet the high standards of the client they achieved our challenging timelines and were a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with them again in the future.“

Tom Dickens

Head Of Marketing, Alphabit Fund



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