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Callum Tellwright - Brand Strategist at LWDA

Callum Tellwright

Brand Strategist



Brand Strategist and Design Lead

Callum Tellwright is our resident Brand Strategist and Design Lead. He oversees projects from the perspective of the brand and how any creative outputs will resonate with the intended audience.

Callum works closely with our clients to ensure their vision is fully realised, and any work produced here at LWDA stays in line with the strategic goals set out at the beginning of every project.

Internally, his most valuable contribution is his ability to work with the team at any stage of the creative process and keep things focused on the ultimate goal.

Originally graduating from UCLAN Design School with an Honours degree in Product Design in 2011, Callum spent 2 years working in physical product design, before eventually pursuing his passion for the bigger picture of design thinking and transitioning into a career in brand strategy and identity design.

Before joining LWDA, Callum worked as a freelance designer and later a brand strategist before heading up his own creative agency.

Callum’s key areas of expertise are User Experience Design, Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Messaging and Website Design.