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Specialist Content Creation


6 Steps to Scale & Manage Specialist Content Creation for Niche Industries

Greg Macdonald - LWDA Team Member


Managing Director


PUBLISHED:December 20, 2022

There has been increased focus recently on creating & posting high-quality content as It's universally accepted that Specialist Content Creation is an essential part of attracting organic traffic.

It’s very important that you not only start off with good content on a new or refreshed website but that you have a plan for the ongoing posting of fresh articles to show Google that you are an active and authoritative leader in your niche!

How to Scale Specialist Content Creation

This article outlines the six steps you will need to take in order to create an ongoing schedule of content that will build up a valuable resource that will increase your online traffic.

1. Create a Content Plan

Firstly you will need to put together a Content Plan which will be the roadmap giving all the article titles that need to be written, from an SEO perspective, choosing the best and most effective keywords. This plan will also need to be crafted in conjunction with the business aims and objectives and what kind of client base you are targeting.

For example, if your industry niche is interior bifold doors, the Content Plan would list out many articles from direct to indirect approaches, e.g. “10 Considerations when choosing internal bi-fold doors” or even “How to make my open plan house cosier”

2. Find a Qualified Writer

Then the articles will need to be written by a qualified writer with good credentials – someone who is both skilled in writing but also has the necessary background knowledge and also an understanding of the specific purpose of the article in its right context.

To find a writer in our example, you would need to search for and identify someone who is skilled in writing, but also is knowledgeable about interior design & furniture.

3. Find a Qualified Editor

Once written, it is always wise to run the article past an editor, ideally, or at least someone with editing experience, to ensure that the overall tone and structure of the content are as desired, as well as being grammatically correct and error-free. As well as being written in the correct tone of voice for the subject and correctly laid out for the purpose, the text must always be SEO-optimised to give your website the highest value impact.

In our example, you will need to ensure the tone of voice in the article matches your brand, ensuring the positive things about your products are mentioned and key selling points are highlighted.

4. Find a Qualified Proofreader

Lastly, a proofreader should be employed to finally check each article for spelling, punctuation and grammar to ensure it is ready to post and to make any final tweaks.

Often, simple mistakes which look correct at first glance slip past the writer and the editor, for example, using the word “close” instead of “closed” in reference to our interior bi-fold doors. This can be rectified at the proofreading stage.

5. Adding Images and Posting Online

Once each piece is methodically completed, they will need to be posted and images should be added to enhance the overall attractiveness of the article. In addition, internal and external links should be included in the text for maximum SEO value.

Images for the bi-fold door article should be selected from your bank of assets but can also be provided from quality stock imagery if required, creating a smart feel to our example article.

6. Managing the Ongoing Process

To manage this process we recommend someone internally or a qualified agency team to manage the whole process due to the quantity of work involved. 

For example, to manage our multiple bi-fold door articles, a task management & tracking system is certainly needed to be able to follow a clear and efficient process so you know where each article is at any point.

Where to start with Content Creation

We partner with a Specialist Content Creation Team who has a fully-fledged system ready to handle up to 50 articles per month from research and writing, to editing and proofreading. Their unique offering is an efficient and streamlined content process for any type of written content required.

Branded as “Uniqli”, their offering is truly unique – It’s an efficient and streamlined content process for any type of written content required, including content plans.

In fact, a Content Plan is the best first step when you want to get started on this journey – it gives you a roadmap for low upfront cost, with no obligation to proceed to write the articles with their writing team.

However, they do offer a complete refund of the content plan cost if you decide Uniqli is a good fit to write your content too – it’s well worth it.

If you’re interested, please let us know and we can arrange an introductory video call, or alternatively, you can get in touch with Ivan directly – 07747 648395

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