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Invest Property Chic real Estate Website Design

Case Study

Invest Property Chic

Invest Property Chic are a luxury real estate specialist with investment properties for sale in the French Alps & Lisbon.

Project Background


Luxury Real Estate Website Design & Development

Invest Property Chic approached us to discuss their website needs after seeing our work for Investors in Property. Their previous website was built in 2013 and looked like it. It was time for a refresh!

IPC required a website that was easier to use for buyers and administrators, whilst delivering a vastly improved visual experience. Utilising larger, better-quality images, alongside information that was well organised and laid out in such a way that users could easily understand it.

You can experience the result via the link below or continue scrolling to find out more.

“You can see from the below images just how much difference our new visual treatment makes to the Invest Property Chic brand. Not to mention the improved UX which helps users find properties of interest much easier thanks to the new search tools.“

Greg Macdonald


Left column image
Right column image
Left column image
Right column image
“The Invest Property Chic brand was in need of a refresh and we were more than happy to help. We breathed new life into the logo by simplifying the wreath and interlocking the initials to add a level of professionalism that was previously lacking.“

Greg Macdonald


Left column image
Right column image
“Their dedication to delivering quality results is truly impressive. They had a lot of patience and spent alot of time. Thank you again. “

Niamh Erbek

Owner, Invest Property Chic

Real Estate Website Mobile Development

Ski Resort Website Brief

After discussing the project requirements with the client and running an audit to find out how the site was performing from a technical point of view, we identified the following wishlist of improvements:

  1. A clean & modern design that effectively targeted the affluent audience base.
  2. Improved search tools to help users find properties of interest.
  3. A clearer customer journey that’s clutter-free.
  4. Drive enquiries with well-placed CTAs.
  5. Contact & sign-up forms that collect a range of valuable data.
  6. Improved SEO through well-written code.
  7. A faster, more secure platform with regular patches to the CMS and plugins.
  8. Easy-to-use CMS that allows for the addition & editing of property listings, plus blog posts and buying guides.

The result is a website that’s much more focused. Guiding the user to content quicker & easier, whilst keeping them from feeling lost.

Real Estate Responsive Website Design

Resort Property Web Design

We’ve worked on several property websites over the past few years, so had some great insight to share with Invest Property Chic.

Their old website was far too crowded with too many CTAs vying for the user’s attention. Images weren’t being used to the best of their ability and the text layout was uninspiring. This had to change.

We removed all unnecessary content to make sure that the user was focused on the task at hand, which was to find a suitable property and then make an enquiry. Everything else was a secondary concern.

We developed a sophisticated colour palette that gave a nod to the Financial Times, psychologically linking the new IPC website to the lifestyle of high-net-worth individuals.

The identity was also subtly refined, with a simplified wreath icon and refined typographic approach.

Luckily the client also had access to lots of great photography, so we could accommodate larger images for greater visual impact. (Never underestimate the importance of great photography, especially when selling a location or lifestyle.)

We were surprised to discover that the previous web agency hadn’t installed Google Analytics, so we added GA tracking to the new website, allowing us to work with the client on future CRO tasks.

It’s been a real pleasure to work with Invest Property Chic on their new website. One that will help grow their business and position their brand more effectively in the luxury real estate sector.


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