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5 ways AI can improve your website


5 ways AI can improve your website

Greg Macdonald - LWDA Team Member


Managing Director


PUBLISHED:February 9, 2022

UPDATED:August 30, 2022

There are a wide range of applications for AI (artificial intelligence) in the world today, and naturally, this is no different when it comes to websites. You can use AI to automate various tasks on your website or enhance the user experience for visitors by using intelligent features which they might find useful.

In this post, we outline five ways in which companies have been using artificial intelligence to enhance user experience or automate tasks on their website.

If you’re a business owner and want to find out how AI can help you improve your website, read on…

1. AI Chatbots

One of the most popular ways businesses have been using artificial intelligence is by creating chatbots for their websites.

Chatbots allow users to easily access information or request help. If a user has a question about a product, they can simply enter it in the chat window and the AI provides answers.

In some cases, AI chatbots can even help complete the entire checkout process if a user wishes to purchase a product.

One such chatbot by AI company Chatfuel is integrated with Facebook Messenger and allows users to complete an entire checkout process. The Chatbot will ask for confirmation of their purchase, provide them with shipping details and allow them to make payment via PayPal or credit card.

Examples of AI chatbots you can create on your website include:

  • Customer Assistant
  • Concierge
  • Competition Assistant
  • Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

TinyPNG Website AI Chatbot

Users are becoming used to interacting with chatbots and the stats are showing just how comfortable they are in doing so.

Millennials and Gen Z are particularly at home with chatbots. So if you run a company with those demographics in your target market, perhaps it’s time to invest in a chatbot for your website?

2. AI-driven personalisation in marketing campaigns

Regardless of your industry, harnessing the power of AI can allow you to make data-driven decisions when it comes to marketing.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to collect information about your customers over time and target them with relevant offers. Whether this is through email campaigns or automated social media posts.

AI-driven personalisation in marketing campaigns works by collecting data about a person, either via their website activity or interactions with a chatbot. The AI then analyses this data and makes a decision about what they might be interested in buying.

This technology can even suggest different products depending on the time of day that a user is browsing the site.

As consumers start to pull away from large faceless brands in search of a more unique experience, it’s important to provide customers with a personalised digital environment. AI allows you to do this, even if it’s just your website that they interact with.

3. AI Search Suggestions

When people are looking for something on the internet, the AI running behind search engines such as Google and Yahoo provides them with a list of search results based on their query. Similar technology can be used directly on your website to improve the user experience.

Most websites tend to use out-of-the-box search tools which will deliver a list of results based on keywords. The results are often listed by the newest first and will only appear once you have hit the return button.

Predictive Search can suggest possible search results whilst you type. This is what we see when we start to type a search query into Google.

London Web Design Agency Predictive Search using AI via google Search

This method of search based on AI Learning can improve the usability of your website. Helping users find relevant content more quickly.

4. Marketplace AI

This is a technology that allows users to get instant access to everything they might need while browsing their favourite e-commerce website. For example, if a user is browsing Nike and decides that they want to buy new running shoes, AI might suggest appropriate options.

This type of marketplace works by Artificial Intelligence collecting data about a user’s website activity or product searches. The AI then analyses this data to see if there are any products that they might be interested in buying. So if a user is looking for running shoes and they have browsed the Nike brand before, AI might show them the latest shoes released by Nike.

You can use AI in your website to provide customers with a complete AI marketplace experience. Allowing them to get everything they need quickly and hassle-free when browsing your website. And remember, site owners can combine this with AI chatbots which can complete the entire checkout process for users, from beginning to end.

5. Content Writing for your website

One last example of AI that you can use with your website is Content Writing.

AI’s ability to engage the internet and gather information has been a boon for entrepreneurs who lack the time or manpower to write content for their sites.

AI can scan different sources of information and form a coherent article based on keywords and suggested titles.

These services can take a lot of work off a publisher’s hands, but our tests confirm that a human still needs to proofread the article thoroughly before publishing.

One example is this article. Yes, that’s right, the article you have been reading has been largely composed by AI. Except for the text from the last two paragraphs onwards, because we wanted to provide an honest account of our experience.

Jasper AI Content Writing Service

I used Jasper to create this article as a test case for AI Content Writing. I’d estimate that 75% of the content was very useful, with little or no rewrites required. But we are far off from allowing a machine to fully compose an article that is truly informative, avoids repetition and feels completely human in its execution.

There are many Content Writing Services available for you to try, including Craftly, SEO Butler and Copy AI. In fact, similar services are flooding the market with many content writers using them for guest blogging services.

If you’re time-poor and need to be creating content for your blog to improve your SEO, these services might be worth exploring.

In Conclusion

AI has the ability to automate tasks which allows site owners to save time and money.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to enhance your marketing strategy by providing personalisation in marketing campaigns, automating repetitive processes such as content writing, and improving the user experience with predictive search tools.

It’s still an emerging technology but the applications are wide. But the only way AI will be able to live up to its full potential is if everyone becomes aware of it and gets on board. The more it’s used, the better it becomes.

AI is already being used by the biggest internet companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Google. They obviously have huge budgets to play with, but you can start small by adding functionality such as Predictive Search to improve the UX of your website. Your users will love it!

Need help improving the UX of your website with AI?

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