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Eye Lid Face

Case Study

Eye Lid Face

Brand identity design for the medical startup company Eye Lid Face.

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What we did


Stylish cosmetic surgery logo design

We were asked to create a strong brand identity for a new Blepharoplasty startup in the UK.

The client wanted to move away from the traditional look of this sector and differentiate themselves as a modern stylish clinic.

And so the quest was on to deliver a clinical yet stylish logo design.

Eye Lid Face Brand Identity Design
Eye Lid Face Mobile Website Design


The main target audience for Eye Lid Face were older affluent women aged between 45 & 70 years old; so the brand had to communicate well to its predominantly female client base, yet be careful not to be too youthful or girlie in the approach. No Instagram selfies here!

Eye Lid Face also wanted to appeal to men, who are a growing market in this sector, so steps would need to be taken to ensure that we did not alienate these potential customers.

Finally, the client explicitly requested that they not look like the NHS.


Using a warm coral colour helped meet the appeal of the older lady. Anchoring this colour choice with a deep navy blue also helped us create a brand that was approachable for men.

The resulting brand identity is smart, professional and clinical, but also modern and warm.

If you would like to know more about our branding services, get in touch and we’ll discuss your requirements in more detail.

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