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How to improve the ranking of your website using video


How to improve the ranking of your website using video

Greg Macdonald - LWDA Team Member


Managing Director


PUBLISHED:May 12, 2022

UPDATED:April 18, 2024

Did you know that one of the best ways to improve your website ranking is by adding video content? If not, and you don’t already do so, then allow us to explain how you can improve the ranking of your website using video.

We know that Google gives more preference to web pages with embedded videos. Therefore, uploading video content to your website can improve SEO rankings. Also, websites having lower bounce rates are search engines’ favourites. Videos help reduce bounce rates by allowing visitors to click on embedded links, which is a good approach to tackle search engine algorithms.

Additionally, people will spend more time on your site if it has video content, indicating to search engines that your website has something valuable for the audience.

Finally, videos are great for conversion rate optimisation, meaning they bring better conversion rates. Thoughtfully made videos generate leads while motivating people to make purchases. So, that is how video can improve the ranking of your website.

Through this post, we’ll explore some of the best tips to improve your website’s SEO ranking by using video.

YouTube video keyword research will help optimise your videos for seo

Follow a proper keyword research strategy

When it comes to SEO for videos, keywords play an important role. You can search for the most trending and popular keywords on sites like YouTube and be assured of what people are searching for. It’s a great step to perform your keyword search in advance and then utilize the right keywords to improve your SEO rankings.

Optimize the title of your video

Your video title is the first thing that gets noticed by the audience or viewers. An interesting and catchy title attracts people, so you should treat your video title with the same attention as your blog headlines.

Consider adding trending keywords in your video title to positively impact the SEO rankings. It’s recommended to add keywords towards the beginning of your titles to get the most out of them.

Add interesting video descriptions

Adding a clear description that contains a minimum of 250 words to all of your videos should be a part of your strategy.

Search Engines refer to these descriptions for website content indexing and decide whether it’s of any relevance or not. A video with an interesting and clear description not only helps people to find what they are searching for but also plays well with search engine algorithms.

Don’t miss the thumbnail

If you are planning to upload a video on YouTube, you get three options to choose an image for the thumbnail. Alternatively, you can add a customized thumbnail if you are a verified YouTube user. Nevertheless, ensure that whatever text you add in your thumbnail, it can be easily read or interpreted.

Video editing

To make your video look appealing and engaging, it’s essential to edit it correctly. Our advice is to use a professional video editor to transform your videos into quality shareable content.

When you opt for a good video editor, you can play around with the audio and visual effects while choosing to trim video and keep only the sections which make more sense.

There are many online video editing tools on the market, but you must choose the one which is user-oriented, cost-efficient and gets the job done quickly.

Keep all your videos short & sweet by opting to trim video while creating visual hooks at the start. Since viewers have a small attention span, you must focus on creating short videos, about 2 minutes long, while adequately delivering your message.

Make sure to use an engaging voice for your voiceovers, and be sure that you use quality microphones when you’re recording them. However, if you can’t get your hands on this equipment, you can use a tool like LOVO AI to utilize human-like AI voices for your videos.

Be informative with your content

Videos with educational and informative content will be of real value to your audience, so don’t just post any old video content to improve your ranking. Make sure it’s truly insightful.

Video quality

Another vital aspect when it comes to video optimisation is quality. A video which is professionally made and of high quality gets prioritised by the search engine algorithms.

When it comes to the quality of a video, Google takes into consideration elements such as audio and picture clarity. So, invest in making high-quality videos which look professional to speed up your SEO ranking.

You can seek help from a team of professional video makers or choose to go for a decent video editor to add magic to your video content.

Make shareable videos

The chances of your videos doing well and rating high on search engines increase when your videos have more backlinks. Therefore, it’s advantageous to create videos which people will want to share.

One of the best ways to make your videos shareable is by adding an emotional or humorous hook to them. Videos which resonate with the viewer in this way can easily go viral and grow your brand’s reach.

Website design & content formatting

A user-focused website design is also an important element in boosting your SEO. Users spend more time on websites that they like to engage with, returning often to read updates and make purchases. So make sure that your website design is easy on the eye and a pleasure to navigate.

If your video content is an explainer video with instructions that you also detail on the page itself, make sure to use clear fonts to display that information whilst highlighting key data in a well-structured manner.

Remember to present lists in numbered or bulleted format. Don’t just type the numbers or bullet symbols, use the proper formatting options within the cms. Formatting your lists in this way is one of many items that search engines look for when analysing content.

Improve your website ranking using video: Summary

When your videos are optimised correctly, there’s a higher probability they’ll reach a larger audience and improve the ranking of your website.

Website Ranking: Additional Reading

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If you have questions about adding video to your website, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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